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27 november 2010 - Kampala, Uganda - Rolling Stone is a Ugandan newspaper which first attracted international attention in early october 2010, when its published a list of the Country's 100 Top Homosexuals, "100 Pictures of Uganda's Top Homos leak" with the front-page headline "Hang Them" "National scandal". The inside pages of that edition featured the names, adresses and pictures of several alleged homosexuals, some of whom, according to gay rights activists, were reportedly attacked after their involuntary outing and many have gone into hiding in fear of their lives. Although Uganda's media council ordered the paper to cease publication, the paper flouted this command, coming out with it's next edition on 1 November 2010, with the front page screaming: "More Homos Faces Exposed" "Man of shame part II". Escalating their anti-homosexuality campaign, in his 15-22 november 2010 issue, the paper blames, without any evidence, the July attacks in Kampala were plotted by "deadly homosexuals living abroad". The tale gets taller when the paper claims that homosexuals from the Middle East paid Somali terror group Al-Shabaab to bomb Kampala due to outrage over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Finally, gays are blamed for funding the Lord's Resistance Army who have committed atrocities in the North. Gay activists filed a petition in court to restrain the tabloid from further publication of pictures and anti-gay stories, and sought damages and costs incurred following the publication of the article. These articles were published near the one-year anniversary of the proposal of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus