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26 november 2010 - Kampala, Uganda - Kasha N. Jacqueline (L), the founder and director of Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG) and Pepe Julian Onziema (R), LGBT activist for Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) attends the court hearing. Ugandan High Court Judge Vincent Musoke-Kibuuka adjourned today a court hearing of the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone to the 13th of December 2010 as their submission was too long, and the judge wants to get enough time to read through it. Edward Akankwasa, the Rolling Stone's lawyer, cited in his defence: New Vision, Bukedde and the Observer newspapers as having published similar pictures without being sued. .In an issue dated 02 -09 October 2010, The Rolling Stone newspaper published the names and images of people they said were homosexuals, accompanied by the headline: 'Hang Them, they are after our kids: Pictures of top 100 Homos.' Gay activists filed a petition in court to restrain the tabloid from further publication of pictures and anti-gay stories, and sought damages and costs incurred following the publication of the article. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus