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26 april 2010 - Karthoum, Sudan - Yasser Arman, the SPLM candidate for the national presidency, gives a speech to the press just after the final results of presidential elections was announced. Arman captured 21.7 percent of the vote. Bashir's victory was aided by the withdrawal of his two most important challengers, former Prime Minister Sadig al- Mahdi, who heads the Umma party, and Yasser Arman, the SPLM candidate for the national presidency. The ballot papers were printed before their boycott decision. Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir won another term in office Monday, according to election officials, with a comfortable majority (68 percent of the vote ) in elections marred by boycotts and fraud allegations, becoming the first leader to be elected while facing an international arrest warrant for alleged crimes he orchestrated in the western region of Darfur. The elections take place as Sudan heads toward a referendum in eight months that could lead South Sudan to split off and become Africa's newest nation. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus