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Workers José Ignacio Canché Na, 53 (L), and Saturnino Vech Pech, 20 (R) mix bokashi compost in Mestiza de Indias in San Pedro Chenchelá, Yucatán, Mexico on March 16, 2023. A Japanese term meaning "fermented organic matter”, bokashi is an anaerobic process that converts food waste and similar organic matter into a nutritious soil amendment far more quickly than traditional compost systems. Mestizas de Indias is a 544-acre regenerative farm located in the middle of the Yucatán jungle and founded by Spaniard Gonzalo Samaranch Granados in 2015. This agriculture project preserves Indigenous farming traditions and heirloom crops that are native to the region, while aiming to combat the harmful effects of Mexico’s agrochemical industry. It also offers the local Mayan community access to healthy food and much-needed jobs. Photograph by Bénédicte Desrus