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29 april 2009 - La Gloria, Mexico - Activists Jorge Bernal Zapata and Guadalupe Serrano Gaspar say the swine flu outbreak started at the industrial farms. They look at a module of the Granjas Carroll pig farm are nearest to La Gloria. The tank of pig waste emits a fetid odour. La Gloria, villlage in the southern Mexican state of Veracruz, where the new strain of swine flu was first detected. Local people have blamed the contamination by pig waste spread into the air and water from nearby industrial pig farms, known as Granjas Carroll and owned by the Virginia-based multinational company Smithfield Foods. A Smithfield spokeswoman says the company has found no clinical signs or symptoms of the flu in its swine herd or its employees in Mexico. Residents of La Gloria say about half the town's residents work in Mexico City and could easily have spread the virus. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus / Sipa Press