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Susan Kalai aka “Mama Safi”, a 53 year old Kenyan woman with severe morbid obesity, sits with her family at her home in Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya on December 18, 2012. “Mama Safi” lives on less than $1 USD a day, selling vegetables and fried potatoes in the street in front of her house. She has 7 children, the youngest one is 9 years old. She suffers from several obesity-related diseases. She can’t walk, has a lot of pain in her legs and back and also has difficulties to breathe. She says “I was born big. I was always like this. Both my parents and my sister are big too. So for me it's normal. Nothing is wrong with me”. She has no knowledge about obesity and she can’t go to the doctor to get treated because she has no money to pay for it. She is afraid to die of a heart attack. Although large parts of Africa are plagued with malnutrition, the continent must now also deal with another problem: obesity. Obesity is fast becoming a serious problem in Kenya and even the poorest are now being affected. Obesity rates are climbing around the world and they are rising faster in developing countries than in developed ones. (Photo by Benedicte Desrus)