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1 March 2010 - The Parliament of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda - Rev. Canon Gideon Byamugisha, an ordained priest presents the petition to Speaker Edward Ssekandi. AIDS service providers, spiritual mentors and counselors meet with, Rt. Hon. Edward Ssekandi, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, to deliver a petition, signed by nearly half a million people from around the world, calling for the rejection of the Anti-Homosexuality bill. Five members of a coalition working against the bill had a 20-minute meeting with the Speaker. From left to right: Ugandan Bishop Dr. Christopher Ssenyonjo; Frank Mugisha, director of Sexual Minorities Uganda; Rev. Canon B. Gideon Byamugisha, ordained priest and goodwill ambassador of Christian Aid for East Africa; Major Rubaramira Ruranga, director of NGENT, a local HIV/AIDS organization. and Florence Buluba, leader of the organization ICW (International Community of women living with HIV). David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill was tabled in Ugandan Parliament on October 2009, and is currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament. The bill proposes the death penalty for homosexuals, imprisonment for heterosexuals who don't turn gays over to the police and the abolition of all organizations that support gay rights. Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda and punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus