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Giles Muhame, the 22 years old managing editor of the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone, points to the face of David Kato, a prominent Ugandan gay rights campaigner in Kampala, Uganda on February 23, 2011. Last month David Kato was beaten to death in his home near Kampala only weeks after winning a lawsuit against the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone. In October 2010, the tabloid published the names, addresses and photographs of a dozen public figures, including Kato, who it believed to be gay, under the heading "Hang Them". Uganda's gay population now face renewed suppression in a country where homosexual acts already carry a punishment of 14 year's jail. Some religious and political leaders are pushing for the death penalty for people who have gay sex with disabled people, under-18s, or while being HIV positive. David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill was tabled in Ugandan Parliament on October 2009, and is currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament. Photo: Bénédicte Desrus