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August 14, 2011 - Ukunda, Kenya – Christine attends free sessions at the Ceragem Ukunda Centre in Kenya. Christine Wanza Mutungi is a 41 year old Kenya woman with obesity. She weights 101 kilos and weighs 155 centimeters with a BMI of 42. She says she losts weight thanks to the Ceragem machines. Obesity is no longer a problem confined to wealthy nations. In Africa, an increasing number of people can be categorised as obese. In some African cultures, being fat is a symbol of good life, prestige and wealth. CERAGEM is a Thermal Massager that was investigated by the FDA, but has started up businesses in Africa. “This company made inflated and unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of its products, which were intended to exploit consumers who may have actually needed professional medical services,” said Attorney General Abbott.The practice increased the risk to consumers who may have had serious ailments because they were led to believe the devices could take care of health problems, and as a result, they might not have sought the medical attention they actually needed. The equipment is manufactured by Ceragem Co. of South Korea who sell the thermal massage beds in 22 countries and supports more than 500 independent retail distributors worldwide. Distributors host up to 14 live presentations per day for up to 50 consumers each. The investigation revealed speakers repeatedly claiming the $2,400 Ceragem-C Thermal Massager was instrumental in the treatment of a range of medical conditions, including diabetes and obesity. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus