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WORLD: Globesity

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September 2013 – Mexico City, Mexico - Marbella Aguilar Sosa is a 57 year old Mexican woman with morbid obesity.<br />
In September 2013, she had her first visit at the Rubén Leñero hospital in Mexico City to received treatment, she then weighed 277 pounds and has a BMI of 51.6. <br />
She suffers from obesity-related diseases: hypertension, high blood pressure, hypertriglyceridemia, knee arthritis, spinal sclerosis. She had a lot of pain and could barely walked.<br />
She is retired, but used to work as a teacher. She today lives in a shelter for elderly women.<br />
She used to weigh 140 pounds (12 years ago). But 8 years ago, her daughter died of leukemia. Since then, she has depression and started to change her eating habits and gained a lot of weight.<br />
In 2013, because of too much pain and obesity-related diseases, she decided to have a bariatric surgery and today (in 2014) she has lost 92 pounds, has less pain on her knees and walks better.