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UGANDA: The anti-gay bill & persecution of homosexuals

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2011 - A Homosexual sex workers share a small room in a slum in Kampala. Many of them were forced to flee their house when their family found out their sexual orientation. Without family support they have been forced to work as sex workers to survive. They say that many of their clients are straight men or women with families. A recent Anti-Homosexuality Bill has made their lives increasingly dangerous. David Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill was tabled in Ugandan Parliament on October 2009, and is currently before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament.The bill proposes that a new offence be created in Uganda named "aggravated homosexuality" which would be punishable as a capital offence. The proposals included plans to introduce the death penalty for homosexuals who practiced gay sex with people under 18, with disabled people, when the accused party is HIV-positive, or for those previously convicted of homosexuality-related offences. Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda and punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus