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MEXICO: When I grow up • A child's life in quarantine.

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Thiago looking out the window as he does an exercise during homeschooling with his father on their thirty-second day of self-isolation due to Covid-19 pandemic at a temporary home in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico on April 15, 2020. Photographer Benedicte Desrus says, "With his school closed, my son is experiencing big changes. He keeps saying that he misses his school, his teacher Lise, and his friends… For us, becoming teachers overnight without any preparation has been quite a challenge but luckily we are receiving great guidance from his teacher. Thiago has a 40 minutes class online 5 days a week.” Thiago, 3-years-old, is the son of the photographer. He was documented as part of a project titled “When I grow up” about a child growing up on quarantine, away from other children and from the outside world, during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by Bénédicte Desrus