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MEXICO: The women of Casa Xochiquetzal, a unique shelter for elderly sexworkers

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Marilu, a resident of Casa Xochiquetzal, visits her daughter in Pachuca, a city located an hour northeast of Mexico City, Mexico on June 26, 2013. Most women who live at Casa Xochiquetzal have relatives, though in a number of cases, contact is sporadic or non-existent. Casa Xochiquetzal is a shelter for elderly sex workers in Mexico City. It offers its residents refuge, food, health services and a place to learn about their human rights, as well as courses to help them rediscover their self-confidence and deal with traumatic aspects of their lives. Casa Xochiquetzal provides a space to age with dignity for a group of vulnerable women who are often invisible to society at large. It is the only such shelter in existence in Latin America. Photo by Bénédicte Desrus