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MEXICO: The devastation caused by injecting foreign substances for cosmetic purposes into the body

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Paty, who asked that her real not be used, stands still as Dr. Humberto Anduaga, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, drains accumulated liquid from her buttocks at the Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Médico Nacional La Raza in Mexico City, Mexico on July 4, 2019. Three years ago Dr. Anduaga surgically removed part of the fillers from Paty’s buttocks.<br />
Paty, who asked that her real name not be used, had buttock augmentation 30 years ago. A student in her aerobics class convinced Paty to visit her brother’s private clinic where many women were receiving injections that were presented as collagen. A decade later Paty’s then 18-year-old daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and received injections into her buttocks for enhancement at the very same clinic. Shortly thereafter Paty began to feel a burning in her legs, a symptom associated with human adjuvant disease. To this day she remains tormented by the guilt of having dragged her daughter into these practices, with terrible consequences for both. Paty has had two surgeries to remove part of the fillers, one ten years ago and the other three years ago performed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Humberto Anduaga. Paty’s outlook on life has changed dramatically. She has withdrawn socially, ending friendships and staying inside her home unless she absolutely needs to go out. She still lives with her husband but they no longer share a bed and haven’t for more than 15 years. “There is a foreign substance in my body and it’s causing a reaction,” said Paty.<br />
Human adjuvant disease, HAD, is a pathology caused by the injection of foreign substances for cosmetic purposes, and represents a serious health problem. Seeking simple, fast, cheap, painless and what some thought was a safe alternative to plastic surgery, the application of non-authorized modeling substances by untrained personnel has become a frequent practice. Nevertheless, the injections could lead - often seve